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Living Intelligence, Breathing Technology

This is a Facial Recognition Reader paired with a Thermal and Optical Bi-spectrum Network Camera for duplex use at entry points.

This device adopts a deep learning algorithm, which helps to recognize the face faster than a second and more accurate up to 99%+ match ratio.

Its face recognition and thermal detection system can detect elevated skin temperatures brought on by various external causes, such as the Coronavirus, with pinpoint accuracy. This makes the device a noninvasive first step for fever detection at any entry port.

Special Features –
Fever Detection, Access Violation, Normal Access, Event Transaction Monitoring, Blacklisting and
notification if triggered,. Any other event types that the user may need to monitor and send alerts.
• Temperature Alerts is configurable as per user’s threshold preference.
• Local database for the facial template with up to 50,000 users.
•  With the Downloadable QA-NotifyMeApps for both Android and iOS for Alert notification, message alerts can be sent to
multiple users under multiple options of data subscription. The QA-NotifyMeApps Uses OTP for secured Apps registration.


Product Features :
 Turnstile Entry Facial Recognition and Temperature scanning management
 Easily communicates with third-party turnstiles
 Built-in high accuracy thermal infrared module Body  Temperature detection range up to ~ 42℃ / 113° F,precision±0.5℃ /±0.3° F
 Supports real-time display and overlay of human body temperature OSD
 Temperature exception alarm:
High temperature limit, Low temperature limit and Regional temperature exception.
 H.265+ /H.265 / H.264 / MJPEGH.265/H.264, 2MP(1920x1080)

 Face detection speed:<300ms ; Face Capacity: Max. 50,000 facial storage
 Intelligent face analysis algorithm 
 8 inch LCD Touch Screen, 2 MP wide-angle dual lens
 Built-in IO output or Wiegand out to QA-iAC744 or QA-iAC6022 or other 3rd party controllers
 Connects to Wiegand card reader via Wiegand protocol
 face recognition & thermal detection range: 0.5-1m / 1.6-3.2f

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Living Intelligence, Breathing Technology

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