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For decades we’ve studied, trained and verified proper system operations. You can be sure we can work for you. In today’s world Engineers, Owners and Maintenance Personnel need answers to complex operations, across 5 countries Quantum Automation from top to bottom is here for you. From complex energy control and savings to integrating multiple buildings, central plants, intelligent unit operation and floor control to building emergency fire pressurization, CO and No2 systems, yes we’ve done that. From information gathering to grafting system operation we understand the need for engineers to obtain critical live time information.

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Covid 19 facial recognition measurers temperature and identifies if masks are being worn. Its facial recognition and thermal detection system can detect elevated skin temperatures brought on by various external causes, such as the Coronavirus, with pinpoint accuracy in <300ms. This makes the device a non-invasive first step for fever detection at any entry ports. Perfect for adjunct use in hospitals, sub-acute health settings, public areas, and more.

It supports multiple authentication modes. When installed on the turnstile, it can be applied in multiple scenarios, such as buildings, businesses, financial industries, and other important areas.
Quantum provides mobiles Apps for monitoring available for both Android and iOS.

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Set information at your fingertips live from anywhere you are. At a click of a button you’re in the know and you're in control.


Imagine if you will programming a space rocket and you have no idea how it operates? Surely, we see the problem. At Quantum Automation from the manufacturer to the distributors to the representatives, we don’t just sell controls "we put them in". Yes we sell controls and yes we train our own representatives, however when you have a problem we have a known solution. 

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QA America provides a single source solution for environmental control, automation and energy management systems for the commercial, institutional and industrial sectors.  Everyone gets involved, we build them, we test them and yes "we put them in". 
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The diversity of our scope in building controls and automation can be seen from our track record of jobs and projects successfully completed. No job is too small or large for QA America. Every project is embarked on with the kind of professionalism expected from an industry leader.
QA America undertakes a wide range of projects every year. Experience has given us the knowledge of providing the right detail for each project that we are engaged in. Our strength lies in our versatility in providing the right systems and controls for different requirements.

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