QA-iAC-70xx Series

TCP/IP Protocol for LAN/WAN Connectivity or RS485 Network Communication

TCP/IP Protocol for LAN/WAN Connectivity or RS485 Network Communication

Multiple Reader Technologies

• We support Standard Industry Wiegand Format or RS485 Interface for Proximity, Biometric and Contactless Smart card (Mifare®) readers (CEPAS, PS21, SS529 and NFC)
• Scalable capacity from Standalone Door Controllers to Large Scale Networks, with 2,000+ Card Access Controllers
• Multiple Site Codes, Multiple Card Formats
• 64 Weekly Schedules, and 50 Holidays
• Greater than 100,000 Events and 20,000 Card Holders
• User Friendly, Powerful Windows Based Graphical User Interface (GUI) Central Software

Hardware & In-Built Protection

• In-Built Lightning, Surge Protection and Electronic Fuse Protection
• Encryption of card 13.56 Mhz, 125Khz
• Panel Tamper Protection with Mechanical Switch
• Card Controllers are complete with plug-able
• Automatic Detection of each additional modules without modifica tion to firmware/software
at central
• Plug-able connectors for easy termination and servicing
• Diagnosis on input line fault conditions with On-boar d LEDs
• Supervised Input Loops

CCTV Integration & Camera Video Automatic Streaming

Security Central Manager

The Security Central Manager (SCM) is software for viewing transactions in the Card Access System. From this application, you can see the status of the controllers, logs of all events in the card access system, remotely control a door, and generate historical reports.

Security Central Manager Graphics

The Security Central Manager Graphics (SCM Graphics) is a graphical layout of a floor plan.
Users can view the animated and coloration changes of the actual status of doors, readers, cameras and controllers in
particular area.

This Powerful Graphical Central Manager Depicts the  Hyperactive Floor Plan

Graphical & Text Base Central

Scale it up for more information or keep it simple of easy operator monitoring. 

No worry, we can set it up and run it without an interface.  Access it when you need changes with just a call and get back to running your business. 

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