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The NEW QA iCON-P Tool programming tool just got better! Look to Quantum Automation to make your installation run better and install faster. Use the Library features to quickly and easily incorporate routines including points that have been proven to work. Debug the controller live time before you commission to the network. Learn one tool and program all open protocols, LonTalk ® / BACnet / MODbus and of course Q- Bus. Call QA today to schedule a Demo for your business!
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Is your company in the HVAC automation field or is your company in the automation industry? If you're option A only, your customers are being short changed! Public displays for entries and elevators, Parking Guidance System, Card Access, CCTV and iNexus; the world's graphic engine, help owners to differentiate their building from the rest, control expenses and generate income. Ever help your customer generate income? Now might be the time!